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The quest for knowledge, and training is a core desire for developing martial artists of all styles. And even those who are considered masters, continue to learn.

For only $12 quarterly, or an annual fee of $35, you can learn great lessons from Masters of the Martial Arts.

Learn Lessons direct from top Teachers at Bill Adams' Martial Arts, top students demonstrations, and visiting masters of the martial arts lessons and demos including:

Master Alain Sailly, 8th Dan, Master of Goshindo from France.

Master Bill Adams, 7th Dan, Master of Isshin-ryu Karate, Master of Tai Chi and black belt in Judo, Jujitsu. Plus, MAFC Instructors Warren Dabney, Will Lorenz, Alex Robinson, Jonathan Ertel, Master Kimura, Paul Martin, and White Wolf's Jon Kokotajlo and Jason Converse.

Master Chuck Gorino, 7th Dan, Master of Tae Kwon Do, and Matt Dorsey, 7th Dan, Master of Isshin Ryu, and proprietor of

Masters from Western New York's Professional Martial Arts Educators Association (Master Heisner, Master Thiele, Master Presti, Master McKinney, Master Patterson) and from the international World Kobudo Federation, and from the USA's Professional Karate Commission (PKC)

Video, lecture .pdfs, html pages with text and photos..... Each month we will add content on Sport, Traditional Martial Arts, Forms, MMA and Sport Jujitsu, Self-defense situation work, and Training concepts.

The library of Isshin Ryu forms alone is worth the cost for practitioners of that style, or those wanting another slant on traditional forms. The Sailly Goshindo video has retailed for $25 dollars US, and the full video is included here!

Literally, you could pay thousands of dollars to travel and learn from these masters, or pay $35 per year.

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