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We offer programs to people who live in Western New York as members of our two facilities, and to people in the local community in senior citizen centers and work settings. Plus we reach people through
• seminars all over North America and Europe.
• by video lessons on dvd and the web throughout the World. 

Our members, ages 4 to 94, include students, professors, doctors, lawyers, laborers, executives, artists, and accountants...even whole families. 
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The Martial Arts and Fitness Centers are places where all whom enter are encouraged to set goals and achieve them, and set new ones. Every student is encouraged to channel the stresses from life into positive action, and share their progress with others. These men, women and children enjoy the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a Martial Arts & Fitness Centers program including:

• improved physical fitness 
• self-discipline 
• enhanced concentration 
• stress management
• confidence building 
• personal protection skills 
• shared interesting activity/fun
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Our Blasdell School

4856 Lake Avenue is home to our Blasdell “Dojo”.

Although only open 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) as a convenience, we have a great group who work out there, and Shihan Adams is there on Saturday morning!